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Soft cajun flavor coated peanuts
[Coated Peanuts]Soft cajun flavor coated peanuts
Cajun flavor coated peanuts the best flavor softy and sweety taste competitive prices and top quality
crispy wasabi flavour coated peanuts
[Coated Peanuts]crispy wasabi flavour coated peanuts
wasabi flavor coated peanuts from natural raw peanuts strictly quality control system lowe price and best quality
sweety sesame coated peanuts
[Coated Peanuts]sweety sesame coated peanuts
sesame coated peanuts healthy and low fat sweet taste,crispy ,fried peanut kernel, black sesame coated, good appearance
flavored coated peanuts
[Coated Peanuts]flavored coated peanuts
flavored coated peanuts different flavors best raw peanuts kernels one of the biggest supplier and exporter of peanuts
Roasted Peanuts in Shell
[Roasted Peanuts]Roasted Peanuts in Shell
1 Roasted and salty 2 High-protein, high-isoflavone, no pollution 3. Healthy and green for people 4. Certificate:HACCP,ISO
wasabi peanuts
[Packaged Snacks]wasabi peanuts
Certification BRS,KOSHER,ISO Supply Ability: 300 Metric Ton/Metric Tons per Month
wasabi flavor coated peanuts
[Packaged Snacks]wasabi flavor coated peanuts
wasabi flavor coated peanuts spicy moderate good mouthful feeling sofe and crispy, best snacks for health
crispy squid taste coated peanuts
[Packaged Snacks]crispy squid taste coated peanuts
squid coated peanuts All kinds of taste Good mounth feeling Snacks for all ages
Fried and spicy peanuts
[Packaged Snacks]Fried and spicy peanuts
1) Good quality 2) Moisture: 1.8-2.0% Max 3) Admixture: None 4) Suitable for young people
Rice Cracker & Fried Peanuts
[Packaged Snacks]Rice Cracker & Fried Peanuts
Texture: crispy Shelf life:10 months Contains: rice crackers, coated peanut, green peas
Rice Cracker & Fried Peanut
[Packaged Snacks]Rice Cracker & Fried Peanut
Texture: crispy Shelf life:10 months Contains: rice crackers, coated peanut, green peas
Fried Peanut
[Packaged Snacks]Fried Peanut
1.Rich nutrition and protein 2 Reasonable price 3 Sufficent supply ability and prompt delivery
Export peanut market
[Company news]Export peanut market
Canada, Mexico, Europe, and Japan account for over 80% of U.S. exports. The largest export markets within Europe are the Netherlands, the U.K., Germany, and Spain.
Fried Peanuts
[Fried Peanut]Fried Peanuts
Inner packing:vacuum in plastic bags or according to the requirements of customers. 2 x 12.5kg/vacuum bag,2 x 10Kg/vacuum bag,20/25/40/50/70/100/200/400G of aluminum foil bag,150g or 227g tin *24/carton or packing as you require Outer packing:10kg×2/CTN or according to the requirements of cust
Salted and Fried Peanuts
[Fried Peanut]Salted and Fried Peanuts
1)Canned Packing a.150g*48tins/Carton, 1200CTNS/20FCL b.185g*48tins/Carton, 1050CTNS/20FCL c.227g*48tins/Carton, 900CTNS/20FCL 2) Small plastic bags packing a.20g*400bags with nitrogen/CTN, 960ctns/20FCL 50g*200bags with nitrogen/CTN, 960ctns/20FCL 50g*200bags vacuum bags/CTN, 960ctns/20FCL 100g*100
Spicy Peanuts
[Fried Peanut]Spicy Peanuts
1) vacuum poly bag packed in cartons 2) Aluminum foil bag packed in cartons 3) Plastic cans 4) Nitrogen-filled retail packet 5) Or according to the customer'srequirement.
Hot Chilli coated peanut
[Packaged Snacks]Hot Chilli coated peanut
Certification KOSHER,ISO,HACCP Certification KOSHER,ISO,HACCP Certification KOSHER,ISO,HACCP Certification KOSHER,ISO,HACCP Certification KOSHER,ISO,HACCP